Working on films for over 25 years, Dave has recorded and created sounds for a wide variety of projects. Although the White Noise Library is extensive, there is always room for more. The world is full of noise, both beautiful and ugly. It’s our job to find the value in every sound and to capture it as best we can.

Our commercial libraries are aimed at bringing you the finest selections of the sounds we gather. 

We hope you enjoy the White Noise libraries we offer and we look forward to bringing you more soon…

White Noise Library.

We have just released the first of our series of 96k ambience and effects libraries. The first instalment is New Zealand Summer Forest. There are more on the way shortly, including some exciting animal libraries.

Buy Summer Forest now to receive our special introductory offer!


Pureora Forest



The first summit of Mt Pirongia.


White Noise Library – LITE

This series of libraries we have captured over the years with handheld recorders such as the Zoom H4, the Sony M10 even old DAT recordings. A good recording doesn’t have to come from an expensive rig. We’ll start with Vietnam. After sifting through 20 hours of recordings we have a couple of packages that I know will be useful. ‘Vietnam – Train To Sapa Lite’, ‘Vietnam – On the Go Lite’ and ‘Australian Ambience Pt1 Lite’

Coming Soon!

Recording in Bundanoon, Australia. Gotta love the Sony M10.

Recording in Bundanoon, Australia. Gotta love the Sony M10.

Stay tuned…

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