White Noise Ltd is a New Zealand based company founded by Sound Designer and Composer Dave Whitehead. He has been involved with sound and music for film and television for over 20 years on such projects as The Hobbit Trilogy, Tin Tin, District 9, Snow Piercer and Elysium, to name a few.

Australian born Sound Designer Michelle Child, is an integral part of the ‘White Noise’ camp. She has designed several short films and has recently had opportunities to design and/or edit for feature film projects.

We can provide sound design and music for feature films, television, commercials and games, worldwide. We are also available to build sound palettes, design creatures or design for sound installations. We can cater for any size project.

Please contact us for sound design or music quotes.

We want to try and post some of our stories from different films we’ve worked on. We will also be starting our own sound library in the next few months.

More news on that shortly.