Arrival – Acoustic Signatures

  Last year we had the great pleasure of working on a wonderful film called ‘Arrival’. It was directed by Denis Villeneuve, edited by Joe Walker and Sylvain Bellemare was the supervising sound editor. Last week the film won an AMPS Award and the BAFTA Award for Best Sound. We all have our fingers and toes crossed for the MPSE and Academy Awards. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and see it at the cinema. Supervising Sound Editors:    Sylvain Bellemare Foley Artists:    Nicolas Becker, Gregory Vincent Sound Designers:      Dave Whitehead, Olivier… Read More


The ‘Cleverman’ TV Series hits the screen in 2016 For the past few months I have been composing the music and doing sound design for a new TV Series called Cleverman. Much thanks to everyone at Pukeko Pictures from New Zealand and Goalpost Pictures from Australia for getting me involved in this project. Its been great fun getting to work with Wayne Blair and Leah Purcell. ABC will air the show in Australia and Sundance TV will bring Cleverman to the U.S. Keep an eye out for ‘Cleverman’ hitting your TV in the not to distant future.

Happy ‘Chappie’

Neill Blomkamp’s latest film ‘Chappie‘ hits cinemas on March 6th 2015. Dave Whitehead and Michelle Child were very fortunate to help bring ‘Chappie’ to life. We were based at Park Road Post, in Wellington, New Zealand for the show, while the awesome Matt Wilson and Vince Renaud, were chopping sounds furiously in our other favourite city, Vancouver. Really looking forward to hearing what Hans Zimmer has scored for the film. Big thanks to the mix team Christopher Scarabosio and Steve Boedekker. Can’t wait to see the film and hear the final mix next week! Go and see this movie!


Joon-ho Bong‘s film ‘Snowpiercer‘, was an unexpected and pleasant surprise at the end of 2012. I was approached by Seoul based Supervising Sound Editor, Tae-young Choi, to help with the sound design for the film. I asked Tim Nielsen if he’d like to collaborate on the design and with four allocated weeks each, we got stuck in. My job was to bring the train to life. I was visiting my Mum in Hamilton, New Zealand, when I found out I was working on the film. I called the local train yard to see if there was any chance of setting up a record. They… Read More